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Fun cheap christian louboutin australia swimming ralph lauren sale uk pool ralph lauren outlet online games Hi, this is chad wyatt over at north chase pool, and today we’re going to talk about fun games that you can play in the pool.There are three games, cheap louis vuitton bags marco polo, sharks and minnows and whale.Marco polo would be a good game for younger kids while sharks and whale are great for older kids.First we’re going to talk about marco polo.Marco polo you will choose one kid to be marco.Everybody else will be their polos.Marco searches around the pool with his eyes closed screaming marco.All the other kids must reply polo and as marco hears the kids he tries to find them.The first polo to be tagged is now marco and that is how you would play marco polo.The next game we’re going to talk about is sharks and minnows.What you have is one person is the shark with a bunch of other people being minnows.The shark starts off at one side of the pool while the minnows are on the other.The object then of the game is to get the minnows across the pool without being tagged by the shark.The minnows must say shark off.After they have said shark off, the shark swims across the pool and tries to tag as many minnows as he can before they get to the other side of the pool.Once you are a minnow and have been tagged you now become a shark and now you have two or three sharks trying to get all the other minnows and that’s how you play sharks and minnows.The next game would be whale.Whale is where you have one kid in the water at the edge of the pool and a bunch of other kids on the side of the pool not in ralph lauren pas cher femme the water.The goal is for the people to jump over the whale and into the water without getting tagged.Once the whale tags a kid that kid is now the whale and the whale can get out and be one of the others and those are three fun games that you can play at the pool but remember, sharks and minnows and whale are better for teenagers while marco polo is better for younger kids.

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Fun ralph lauren outlet things to do ralph lauren outlet uk in orange county this weekend If the expensive admission prices and distant sight lines of professional sports put them out of your reach, you can still enjoy spectator spectaculars at low prices through local college competitions, which most often happen during the weekends.Because it’s the largest university in the county, the university of california irvine offers the most options with anteater excitement in baseball, basketball, soccer and water polo, among others.But smaller colleges like cal state fullerton offer just as louis vuitton outlet much christian louboutin shoes excitement. The county’s seaside proximity offers many opportunities to view the earth’s largest mammals as they make their way through traditional migratory routes.You might get lucky and spy a whale ralph lauren polo femme off the coast with a pair of binoculars, but it’s better to take one of the organized tours on specially designed boats.From november through april, you’ll observe california gray whales, while may through october is blue whale season.Dolphins, seals and sea lions may also accompany your journey.

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Fun practice cheap ralph lauren games ralph lauren polo online for youth football For the game of louboutin sale 21, have your players get into pairs one player will be the quarterback and the other will be the receiver.You need to use cones to separate the playing field into different areas.Designate each area with a certain number of points.The further away the receiver is when he makes the catch, the greater number of points the pair receives.For example, award only one point when the receiver is closest to the quarterback.The goal is to be the first pair to reach 21 points.Once the receiver successfully catches the ball, he then advances to the next cone.When a team has reached 21 points, have the players switch positions.This drill helps your players to develop throwing and cheap louis vuitton bags catching skills. For this game, you need to set up cones and have your players split into groups of three.Place the cones about 10 to 12 yards away from the starting point.One player will be the quarterback, one will be the receiver and the other will be the center.Have the center positioned about one to two feet in front of the quarterback.The receiver should be positioned to the side of the center.Once the center snaps the ball back to the quarterback, the receiver will run to the cone and around the cone as he tries to catch the ball.Have the players switch positions so that each teammate gets a chance to ralph lauren pas cher femme try each position.

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How to jumpstart your marketing campaign with the help of logo personalized christian louboutin sale golf and polo shirts Most people think that polo and golf shirts are the same thing.That’s fairly true in the sense that polo shirts are usually used as golf shirts as well.What a lot of people don’t know is that polo shirts can be used in various other occasions as well.They are great for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing and a lot more.Another great role for polo shirts is for promotional purposes.These days, customized golf and polo shirts are becomingly one of the most liked advertising instruments in the market. The primary reason this type of apparel is usually used as marketing instruments is the simple fact that they are very comfortable to wear.Most polo shirts are fabricated from fine grade cotton that makes them ideal to be carried by people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.They come in different colors and styles that will assuredly fit anyone.You’ll also love the fact that they have ample printing spaces for company name and logo imprinting. Many businesses use silkscreened golf and polo shirts as their main trade show giveaways.If you’re still ralph lauren polo not sold with the idea, here are some more of their favors: Ease of logo stamping process you’ll be glad to know that they louis vuitton sale can be customized capitalizing a lot of different techniques like silk screen and embroidery, to name a few.They are certain to make your logo be noticeable. Highly long lasting polo and golf shirts are excellent advertising tools because they are certain to last for a long time.This will assure you of long term merchandise exposure. Go ahead and give corporate logoed golf and ralph lauren polo pas cher polo shirts a shot!Here are some handy pointers first before you finally go out and do your shopping: Choose the best fabric while there are ralph lauren outlet lots to choose from, try to determine which class of fabric would best match your target audience.Regularly aim for comfort first before style. Go for high quality merchandise always ensure that you get the best quality shirts obtainable.You wouldn’t like to waste your money on cheap but low class products.

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How to louboutin australia keep score in five Basketball is an extremely fast paced sport.This is what makes it exciting, but is what can also make it challenging for the person keeping score.If you’re going to be keeping score in a five on five basketball game, it would be wise to have everything prepared prior to tip off. The first thing you need to do is get the score book and write down what two teams are playing, designate a page for each team, and record everyone’s names and numbers.This step is absolutely essential for you to do a successful job.Names are not always necessary, but numbers are.Even though you will be looking at players’ numbers throughout the game, it’s always a good idea to watch them during warm ups.You can study their features and match those features to their numbers.This can come in handy if you find yourself in a bind at some point in the game. When the game starts and the first basket is scored, you must record those points.If there is a scoreboard, you don’t need to worry about the overall score.If there is no scoreboard, ralph lauren italia you must record the score in the score book, which along with keeping scoring stats can be challenging. Whether you’re keeping the overall score or not, you must keep player stats.This is done by recording how many points each player cheap louis vuitton bags uk scores.If it’s a three pointer, you record three points.If it’s a field goal inside the arc, you must record two points.If it’s a free throw(Foul shot), you must record one point for each.Most score books make this easier than it sounds, and after one or two full games you won’t be intimated.You will probably enjoy it. Another aspect of the game that you will be required to record is fouls.There are team fouls and individual fouls.The team fouls are important because once a team is over the limit, the opposing ralph lauren polo homme team will be ‘in the bonus.’ That means the opposing team will have an opportunity to shoot free throws.There are often five team fouls per half.Once a team is over the limit for the half, there is no return.This is important because it can lead the team to being more tentative on defense. The other type of fouls are personal fouls.It is your job as scorekeeper to record how many personal fouls a player has.In the cheap ralph lauren shirts nba it’s six, but in many leagues it’s five.Once a player has too many personal fouls they are eliminated from the game. This all might sound complicated, but it’s like anything else, the more you do it, the better you will get.It’s also a great way to make some extra cash.

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How ralph lauren uk to kick a kickball The game kickball was actually a part of baseball practice.Its inventor, nicholas seuss, framed the game to teach children how to play baseball.However, with its uniqueness, kickball eventually turn from a playground game to a professional game.Not only children, but even adults learn how to play kickball professionally. Whether done for a playground practice or in a professional game, kicking the kickball is the single most important skill that every player should have.Practicing christian louboutin shoes how to kick a kickball is essential and the tips below will help you get started with the right techniques: Wait for the perfect timing.There are many chances to kick the ball.Most players’ goal is to kick the ball anytime that they have the chance.This isn’t the wisest move.You should wait for the perfect timing to kick the ball.Kicking the ball while it is bouncing is difficult.Kicking off center pitch is difficult, too.Wait for the bat and take your strike on that. Position your kicking foot for a powerful swing.Lining up to the side that is opposite the kicking leg is usually the trend.So, if you will kick with your left, you should line up to the left, behind the home plate.This position works for most players.But still, find the best position for you.Try different angles, different distances, and different positions.Overtime, you will discover how you can do a powerful kick. Discover the difference of kicking the ball with your toe and instep.Some players can kick the ball farther with their toes but others are better with the insteps.Try both styles and see which one will work for you the cheap louis vuitton best. Kicking high.A powerful kick is always the goal of all players.However, it will not always lead to making points.The ball should be kicked in a direction that others cannot catch it.The lower the kick, the higher the ball can go.Usually, balls kicked below the middle fly too high. Try the grounders.Kicking the ball high ralph lauren polo uomo is recommended only when opponents are in front, planning to catch the ball.Sometimes, it is easier to kick the ball low and keep on kicking it until you make points.Kicking the ball low and keeping it on the ground is called the grounders.Do this by kicking the ball above its middle using your instep.Toes can usually strike more powerful kick, which is dangerous for the grounder. Manage a bad pitch.No matter how hard you try, you might still do a bad pitch or a situation where the ball bounces high.Use this mistake to your ralph lauren pas cher homme advantage by kicking the bouncing ball above its middle.Kicking the ball at the middle will make it bounce into the ground and will bounce up.

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Five ways for men to cheap louboutins update their wardrobes for the new season Toronto men will soon be packing away the parkas and shelving heavy sweaters to make way for spring styles and they’d be wise to leave plenty of closet space. “I find menswear right now the best it’s ever been.It’s just more exciting, fun, colourful,”Says melissa austria, founder of toronto menswear boutique gotstyle. While menswear doesn’t change as rapidly as womenswear, it remains rooted in the classic staples albeit with a twist, notes shannon stewart, assistant general merchandise manager for harry rosen. “The polo is a great example.It’s been around for decades and decades and we keep reinventing it really through colour and through silhouette,”Stewart says. Whether you’re a fashion forward fella or a style neophyte, austria and stewart have some tips on ways men can spring forward with their seasonal wardrobe. 1.Rainbow brights.It’s not just flashes of colour in neckties, pocket squares, socks and collared shirts:A rainbow full of saturated shades are brightening up all facets of menswear. “The overriding theme for the season is the sheer amount of colour,”Says stewart. “Even from a psychological point of view, it just has an impact on a person.It instantly lifts their mood and it can instantly lift a wardrobe. ” Austria says ralph lauren italia the colours span the spectrum from reds to brighter greens to blues, oranges and yellows. “It’s a more toned down silhouette.So, it’s going to be a toned down(Coloured)Chino that you’re going to wear with a crisp white shirt.It’s going to be a polo shirt that you’re going to wear with dark jeans,”She says. “It doesn’t have to be that intimidating for guys. ” Colourful patterns louis vuitton sale are also in the mix for spring, with smaller scale houndstooth print, finer stripes and smaller grid checks in shirting, notes austria. While some men may have no qualms about donning pants in a bold hue or pairing a variety of shades within one look, both austria and stewart say more style shy guys should start by opting for one core coloured piece. Unsure of which shade to select?Stewart recommends blue which she says is a”Go to colour”For cheap ralph lauren shirts many men. “If they stay in that colour family of blues but maybe go a little bit lighter or a little bit more punchier with the blue, it’s a simple way of just taking the blue up a notch from the usual navy or denim blue. ” 2.Tie one on.Bowties are broadening beyond tuxedos and geek chic as a sleek alternative to neckties awash in vibrant hues, graphic patterns and even available in reversible varieties. “We’ve seen a return to men wearing bowties which is kind of fun.It’s definitely a modern look, you have to be a little bit more confident in it;But it’s just a great way to inject a little bit of life ralph lauren polo femme into the wardrobe. ” Austria says the use of colourful, lighter weight summer scarves which has made a splash on the other side of the atlantic is poised to make waves closer to home. “If you go to europe, they’ve been showing them for 10, 15 years;And now we’re slowly starting to see the guys embrace that in north america, because they’d usually only wear the scarves in winter and that’s it,”She says. 3.Smart suiting.Austria says formal wear for men is true blue heading into spring after being”Grey driven”For some time. Austria says the new blue is a lighter hue and distinct from the midnight navy and darker shades of the classic colour. “You can tell that it’s blue and it’s really fresh,”She says. “I just find it more vibrant.And then getting away from the stripes and doing more plaids and checks that are tone on tone(On the fabric).It will look like a solid from a distance, but then again, when you get up close, you’ll see(The pattern). ” 4.Fresh coats.From monet inspired linings in trench coats to patterns dotting coats and the undersides of collars, expect to see subtle details making a strong statement in spring outerwear. “We’re all about style at six steps,”Says austria. “From a distance, it’s going to look like a regular jacket, but up close you’re going to see the added details.The contrast stitch, the lapels. ” Austria says there’s also a big trend towards the jersey blazer, which is unconstructed and free of shoulder pads, almost reminiscent of a sweater jacket. Stewart says the concept of the soft, relaxed jacket for spring speaks to the climate as well as the notion of comfort. “During the warmer weather, you want to be wearing something that is as light as possible, but to wear a jacket just completes the outfit,”Says stewart. “Without a jacket, a lot of gentlemen don’t necessarily feel completely put together, and a jacket can just take you into any situation and you look appropriately dressed. ” Stewart suggests opting for an unlined jacket which can be in a cotton or cotton linen blend.She says they’re also showing a lot of knit jackets for the season. “It almost has the feel of a cardigan.When you put it on but they’re done in very, very light yarns.But you just have that element of extreme comfort,”She says. “You stay cool in the warm weather but you still look very well put together. “

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Five things to do pas cher ralph lauren in berkeley this weekend Be prepared a 6.9 magnitude earthquake will hit the Hayward Fault on Saturday, Apr.27 simulated in a citywide emergency preparedness drill.No matter what your level of community emergency response team(Cert)Training, you welcome to join in the drills, feedback from experts, and then a citywide debriefing.Earthquake prediction remains a field filled with more noise than signal, but seismologists have consistently warned that the big one is likely to hit the hayward fault in the foreseeable future.Read the berkeleyside article on the emergency drill. You eat what they farm family physician daphne miller traveled to seven innovative family farms around the country to uncover the connection between how we care for our bodies and how we grow our food.Miller will be talking about what she found in her visits and, while writing christian louboutin sydney farmacology, on saturday, apr.At mrs.Dalloway bookstore, 2904 college ave.Her previous book, the jungle effect, looked at the healthy diets of poor native populations around the world.There a wine and cheese reception at the dailey method around the corner, immediately after miller talk. Go bears so you couldn score warriors tickets, but still hanker for some top level sports this weekend?Hurry over to the cal campus to see a water polo championship, national rugby semifinals, a major track field meet, and the the bay match between the bears and rivals stanford.On friday, apr.26 at Spieker.The winner faces top ranked stanford at the same time on saturday.On saturday, the indomitable cal rugby team(20 0 so far this year)Meet navy is.Runners, vaulters, throwers and jumpers will be active at edward stadium.On saturday at memorial stadium.Both lacrosse and the track meet are free events. Acoustic cuisinart do you like the sound of this?Absurdly broad term world music is rendered useless in the louis vuitton bags uk face of these musicians who play with such genuine passion and glee that everything on the globe seems to disappear except their hometown fires.On friday, apr.26.Or how about wired:Cuisinart of acoustic bliss.The trio consists of viola, 12 string guitar and nyckelharpas, a bowed, 16 string instrument related to the hurdy gurdy and violin. Calling green thumbs the uc botanic garden spring plant sale opens for members on friday, apr.And to the public on saturday, apr.The botanic garden specializes in regionally appropriate plants from mediterranean climates, including california natives, and plants from south africa(Proteas for the win! ), Australia, the Mediterranean, Mexico, and Central and South America.The sale is a particular lure for collectors of rare and desirable plants. Don’t miss these other events previously featured on berkeleyside: At berkeley rep:An extravagant theatricality [04.26.13] Berkeley kala ralph lauren polo shirts art institute auction supports local artists [04.22.13] Feast your soul, feast your eyes:Alvin ailey is in town [04.25.13] Big screen ralph lauren online shop berkeley:Marketa lazarov [04.25.13] Bites:Latest east bay food happenings [04.25.13] Do you want to receive the it list in your email inbox each week? . Still searching for things to do this weekend in berkeley?Berkeleyside’s events calendaris chock full of music, theater, dance, talks and community happenings.We also encourage you to submit your own events.

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Five undeniably delicious but ralph lauren pas cher soldes unusual french foods The french ralph lauren online shop have been creating and cooking for millennia but their culinary skill only came to the forefront in the middle of the 17th century under the aegis of the sun king, louis quatorze.French chefs began using a wider variety of cooking styles and ingredients and laid the foundations of modern day haute cuisine.Their desire for unique tasting dishes drove them to prepare almost anything that moved and many things that didn here are some of their more unusual french foods that are now considered delicacies and treasured by gourmands throughout france and around the world. Foie gras(Goose liver) Literally, liver, this delicacy is unparalleled in taste and texture when matched with a suitable sauterne.The liver itself is produced by which is the force feeding of corn to a carefully tended goose.The goose lives a happy, albeit short, life and, in the end, is sacrificed for the pleasure of the diners.The liver thus produced is almost entirely fat and has the consistency of jellied meat.Foie gras should not be confused with pate de foie gras, an entirely different product. Cuisses des grenouilles(Frog legs) As anyone in with a creole or cajun accent will tell you, these little delicacies are wonderfully ralph lauren sale fragrant, flavorful and fun to eat.Typically credited as a french creation, they were probably first seen in the chinese province of canton.Perhaps their extraordinary flavor did not travel with marco polo himself but the recipe did, indeed, make the trip in rapid order.Cuisses des grenouilles or legs has been served in france and most other european and slavic countries for several centuries. Depending on the preparation, the taste of frog legs can be quite strong.Most traditional french preparations remove the inherent gaminess and the dish paira well with a solid sauvignon blanc.Yet, this surprisingly delicious mollusk is a popular appetizer throughout the french speaking world.Escargots are usually prepared by removing the animals from the shell, cleaning them and then poaching or frying the meat in a mixture of butter, white wine, garlic and other herbs. The flavor of the snails is quite pronounced but can be paired with any number of red or white wines.Escargot poached in a light and simple butter sauce goes well with a chenin blanc or even a beaujolais while escargot fried with an abundance of garlic is better suited to a strong burgundy. Boudin noir(Blood louis vuitton uk sausage) Blood sausage is known around the world by a variety of names such as biraldo, morcilla, blutworst and red tofu.It is prized in almost every culture as a rich source of protein, vitamins and incredible taste.Due to its distinctive flavor, blood sausage is often an acquired taste, but, if properly prepared, blood sausage should never have a metallic or iron taste. In france, they call it boudin noir which translates as black pudding.The most common variety, made near paris, is composed primarily of pig blood, suet and onions.These ingredients are mixed with some additional spices and ladled, in liquid form, into casings made from the intestines of the pig and then allowed to congeal.Once hardened the individual links are fried or poached and served with a sweet accompaniment such as fried apples. Burgundies are often served with boudin noir but many connoisseurs take a tip from the germans and substitute a solid ale or stout.Technically, this incredibly delicious and expensive ingredient is not a mushroom but only a particular part, the fruiting body, of the organism. Wild truffles are usually found by specifically trained pigs or dogs, and are extremely prized for christian louboutin outlet their flavor.Large specimens of the white variety can garner as much as($200, 000)Per kilogram at auction.Black truffles cost substantially less;Around per kilogram.Other varieties of truffles are cultivated and are far more widely available and somewhat less expensive. Truffles are used in every type of dish from soups to pasta to meat dishes.There is even a truffle vodka on the market.Purists, however, recommend shaving a small amount of white truffle over some fried eggs to best enjoy the taste. Ris de veau(Veal sweetbreads) Veal itself is made from the meat of a young cow.The word is a euphemism for many of the internal organs of the calf including its heart, thymus, pancreas and testicles.In particular, ris de veau confines itself to the thymus and other associated organs in the neck of the animal.It is usually soaked first in a brine and then in milk.The outer membrane is then removed.Finally, the meats can be saut in cognac or grilled as is while other other recipes require breading and frying. Some sweetbreads can be overpowering in taste and, like foie gras, demand a sweet to semi wine to cut the richness.Ris de veau is made primarily from the already meat of the thymus and is more usually paired with a chardonnay or even sometimes with champagne.No matter what the pairing, ris de veau is one of the most delicious varieties of unusual french foods.As with all these dishes, the advice is quite simple, them, you like them.

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Gold style at the olympics opening ceremonies in vancouver Before we hunker down to spend the next couple of weeks watching world class athletic competitions at the vancouver olympics, let take note of how good most competitors looked at the opening ceremonies friday. Why?Well, as my spouse is fond of reciting,”If you christian louboutin shoes look good, you feel good;Feel good, you play good;Play good, you win. ” To be sure, there were some misses.The greeks white breasted blue louis vuitton uk track suits made the wearers look like a kind of a cross between a smurf and a teletubby.And what was with those 1970s invoking wild paisley pants sported by azerbaijan? There were stories behind some of the outfits.The three athlete ralph lauren polo soldes indian team originally couldn afford matching apparel, but the horrified local vancouver indo canadian community rallied to donate uniforms for the opening ceremonies. The georgian team wore the tragic loss of luger nodar kumaritashvili literally on their sleeves when they entered grim faced with black armbands wrapped around the sleeves of their scarlet coats.A black ribbon adorned their flag as the crowd rose to its feet in a respectful ovation. Bermuda kept to tradition with the men wearing bermuda shorts even for a winter olympics!But most teams were dressed in cozy, winter ready jackets, hats and scarves. The brits and team usa looked jaunty and ready for fun as well as competition, with the americans in adorable knit reindeer caps from ralph lauren(Top photo). For sheer elegance, italy, in crisp tailored jackets, and austria, in natty blazers(Blue for the men, purple for women), could take the gold cheap ralph lauren t shirts and silver, in my humble opinion. But what i would really like to add to my own winter wardrobe is estonia easy white jackets with the just right blue snowflake pattern running on a diagonal from hip to armpit, and their furry hats with earflaps.I could ralph lauren italia almost hear sleigh bells!

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